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February 9, 2007 by MySecret
The school & numerous security experts recommend using at a minimum of 8 characters & including 1 uppercase & 1 uppercase. Also use at least 1 punctuation symbol or a number.

This report was done using Linux systems but the recommendations are effective for all operating systems. Let's not make it so easy for these hackers to wreck havoc on our computers. After all you paid for that computer and put time and effort into customizing it to your liking. Let's take the power out of the hackers ha...
February 8, 2007 by MySecret
Winner Of The First-Ever National Press Club Award For Humor

Apple Recalls iPhone; Forgot to Include ‘Phone’ Feature
Jobs: Oops

In what could prove to be the most embarrassing misstep in consumer electronics history, Apple Inc. announced today that it would recall its entire production run of the Apple iPhone after discovering that it had failed to include a "phone" feature in the much-hyped handheld device.

Speaking from Apple corporate headquarters, company founder St...
February 7, 2007 by MySecret
By Paul McDougall

Microsoft has increased the price of telephone support for users of its Windows XP operating system and Office XP productivity applications. The changes were quietly coincident with last week's high-profile introductions of the company's new Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007 suite.

According to information posted on Microsoft's Web site, the per-incident support cost for all Windows users is now $59. Before Jan. 30, when Microsoft released...
February 7, 2007 by MySecret
The main attack hit the roots at 5:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, and reached its maximum sustained traffic at 7 a.m. It started to subside around 10:30 that morning and was still going on -- though rather weakly -- at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

"If you take down the roots, you take down the Internet," says Petro. "By comparison, if you take down a company, that hurts them. But this is just an attack of a very different scale. When you see someone going after root, it's an attack directly at the infrastructure ...
February 6, 2007 by MySecret
Just follow those crumbs The ads that scroll, spin & shake are capturing your click patterns then following you to other sites, sending more ads based on what you have been clicking on. These cookies are set to expire after 1 year, thats alot of information being collected on you if you are not deleting cookies.

There is an opt out page where consumers can turn off the tracking cookies from Tacoda, Revenue Science, and five other online ad networks. Find this link halfway down the page I p...
February 3, 2007 by MySecret
You may have just spent some considerable time searching for & installing new drivers for you fresh install or upgrade of Vista. DriverMax will allow you to quickly backup those drivers and display a complete report on all of them making it easier for a fresh install or when following up on betas of some.

Or if like me you have spent some time reinstalling drivers from cds after doing a format on an XP machine.

This is for Windows XP & Vista ONLY and yes its FREE

Its My Secret
February 2, 2007 by MySecret
Show Them Your Wow

What does the "wow" factor mean to you? Well, Microsoft wants to know. Now that they have released their version of "wow" with Windows Vista, they are holding a contest for anyone who wants to show off their "stuff!" The contest is called "Show Us Your Wow" and they want you to do so by submitting either a digital photo or a video that you think is worthy of a "wow!"

Microsoft is, of course, giving away prizes with this competition as well. They will award one winner fro...
January 29, 2007 by MySecret
Most of us only get to see the end result of the work done in Photoshop and other programs. Many are not aware of truly how many changes are possible. Seeing how dramatic or subtle the changes can be is quite interesting and may motivate some to people to try their hand at it.

Unfortunately our gallery's are not working well today but will be back soon. So I thought I might send you to a couple gallery's that show some interesting before and after shots.
Simply move your mouse off and on th...
January 29, 2007 by MySecret
According to different forum posts here, Photoshop seems to be the most recommended. A short video at Cnet news tells how 2 brothers built this as a hobby. Oscar nominee John Knoll talks to Cnet about how they built the program.

It's My Secret
January 25, 2007 by MySecret
Yes its true, some good news for those of us who wish to wait before upgrading to Vista

Microsoft Announces Extended Support for Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition

With the addition of Extended Support, the support life cycle for Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Media Center Edition will include a total of five years of Mainstream Support (until April 2009) and five years of Extended Support, matching the support policy provided for Windows XP Professional.